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Best Smartwatch for women

Smartwatches are the accessories and furthermore Mirrors our feeling of value, taste, and style. A smartwatch has become one of the basic form adornments for women. It is similarly a fashion proclamation for a considerable lot of us. So in this way on the off chance that you are the one searching for the best women’ smartwatches, We thought of easing out your job of finding the perfect fit for you and have recorded some of the best smartwatches for women:

Fitbit Versa – Best Smartwatch for Girls

Fitbit took the best features in their activity trackers mixing it with the form and function of Pebble’s previously successful smartwatches to create the Versa. Fitbit versa is perfect for both men and woman, the Versa offers an excellent feature-set and specifications that compete with smartwatch models like the Apple Watch Series 4 which prices double cost than versa.

Versa smartwatch cost is about $199 and available in a Black, Silver, or Rose Gold aluminum. There is also a special edition version in Rose Gold aluminum or Graphite which allows you to get a higher-quality woven band

Fitness features are clearly a strength for Fitbit product with There are over 15 exercise modes for onscreen stats in real-time fitness monitoring and post-workout summaries.

Battery life is the best in its class for smartwatches at 4+ days which allows for advanced features like built-in sleep tracking. In comparison to some higher-priced competitor like the Apple Watch Series 4, the Versa falls short in the service for third party programs and overall build quality.

Fitbit smartwatch OS is not as customizable for things like Watch faces or widely supported for third-party apps, but basic notifications such as text messages, calls and calendar events are easily able to be obtained and read from the wrist. The build quality isn’t anything to complain about for the price, but it doesn’t have the superior feel that Apple offers.

Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm)

The fourth generation of Apple’s Watch wearable device is their Very best smartwatch and surely you to consider for iPhone users. Sold in two sizes versions, the smaller 40mm sizing is the ideal choice for females as it provides ample screen size without feeling too bulky in your wrist.

The build quality is typical high-quality Apple fashion offered In stainless steel and aluminum in silver, space black and gold finishes.

Apple has set the bar high with the Series 4 version of the Apple Watch Sport, offering a new and improved optical heart rate sensor and a 64-bit dual-core S4 processor that’s up to 2x faster than the previous generation.

Beyond standard heart rate tracking, there is a new electrical Heart rate sensor that lets you perform an FDA-approved electrocardiogram (ECG) which senses electrical activity of the heart over a time period. This can locate conditions like heart disease or abnormal heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation.

Battery life permit you for 24 hours of use on a single charge. This so more than sufficient for most users as you can place it on its charger overnight

In series 4, both Siri voice commands and Apple Pay wireless NFC the Watch Series 4 is the only smartwatch on this list that supports LTE connectivity (requires the upgraded model with additional monthly costs). Keep in mind, this model ONLY supports iOS users, and Android smartphones are not currently compatible with Apple Watches.

Samsung Gear Sport

Gear Sport is their latest Samsung unisex smartwatch designed for tracking activity and fitness goals while still supplying the normal smart experience by means of basic notifications and program integration.

Just like most of the versions on this listing, the Gear Sport Uses an integrated heart rate monitor to determine aspects about your activity tracking such as your calories burned and daily fitness progress. With MIL-STD-810G water resistance, the Gear Sport can be subject to fluids and water up to 50 meters.

If you are looking to be able to utilize card-free payments, Samsung Pay can be used with the NFC chip in their Gear Sport meaning you can make a payment at confirmed restaurants or retailers with just the tap of your wrist.

Gear Sport doesn’t support LTE, but it does have decent battery Life at just over 2 days of frequent use. The Tizen 3 operating system is not our favorite OS for smart watches yet it does have adequate integration with Android program and services and it looks nice on the Super AMOLED display.

Integration with their smartphones but still get things like calls, text messages and other basic notifications.

Fossil Q Venture (Generation 4)

Q Venture 4th generation is the latest smartwatch model from Fossil. Priced at just about $250, the Q Venture is an elegant female smartwatch with a stylish 40mm Rose Gold case made of Stainless Steel as well switchable Leather watch band (18mm watch straps).

This model runs Android OS (4.4+) as well as iOS (9.3+). Since this operating system is made by Google there are more supported features for Android users, but iPhone owners still get a solid smartwatch experience.

With support for heart rate tracking, NFC payments over Google Pay and untethered GPS capabilities. If You’re Looking for that traditional watch look and style while still maintaining the convenience and advanced features of an android smartwatch for girls, then the fourth generation of Q Venture by Fossil is perfect for you

Kate Spade Scallop

Kate Spade has similar to Fossil had been producing watches for quite a while now although they recently dove into the wearable technology market. Their lineup of Scallop smartwatches provides a fantastic mix of style and functionality.

This particular model sports a Rose Gold Stainless Steel finish With a Gorilla Glass display material. Measuring in at 42 x 46mm, the round face offers a traditional watch design that sits nicely on a female wrist. Interestingly enough, there is a supported program for this watch that will actually permit you to fit your watch face to your different outfits.

Much like the Fossil model, the Scallop by Kate Spade runs on Google’s Wear OS which supports both Android and iPhone users. Features include support for smart alarms (for example, calls, text messages and app alerts), music control and action monitoring.

Bear in Mind, compared to the Fossil you lack any built-in GPS, Compared to the Fossil, it’s not a bad buy even though the lack of the innovative features and easily swappable watch bands makes it a much tougher recommendation unless you’re an avid fan of the Kate Spade brand.

Michael Kors Runway Access

Michael Kors release their line of Scallop smartwatches offers a good mix of style and functionality. The model of Runway Access here includes a Rose Gold finish made from Stainless Steel as well as a pink silicone strap includes an excess buckle to interchange straps.

Runway Access smartwatch is waterproof up to 30M, which makes It swim-proof and contains built-in heart rate tracking to help log your exercise activity. Internally, there’s GPS and NFC built-in to support location tracking and mobile payment technology.

Google’s Wear OS to provide notifications from social media, text, email, calendar and program alerts. As mentioned before, Wear OS by Google supports both Android and iOS smartphones running newer versions of their operating systems.

Fans of the popular Google Assistant voice technologies will be Happy to know that the Access supplied by Michael Kors offers support meaning you can take full advantage of the voice assistant through verbal commands instead of having to fiddle with the screen or supporting buttons.

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 is the newest fitness tracker watch from Fitbit. Despite it being designed as an activity tracker, it makes an excellent smartwatch choice as it provides much of the same features in a more compact and compact design. The build quality is very high made of aerospace-grade aluminum and Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

While the bands can be swapped out for more breathable, Fashionable or leather bands, you will need to purchase watch bands that are made specifically for the Charge 3 (sold separately). The onscreen clock faces are adjustable and can be styled to your desired look or texture.

As it offers an activity tracker layout instead of a Conventional watch, you’ll get a smaller display but also a much narrower form-factor on your wrist. The display remains a backlit touchscreen that automatically adjusts the brightness for perfect viewing whether in sunlight or low-light conditions.

It is built for fitness activities allowing it to recognize Basic exercises track cardio fitness levels, steps/distance, and track-real-time pace/distance calculations for runners and is fully waterproof for swimming or water-related hobbies. Their heart rate tracking runs 24/7 and will calculate/log your resting heart rate during the day.

Staggering 7 days of battery life, the Charge 3 is ideal for accurately tracking your sleep habits without having to charge the device every night. There are still some good Fitbit apps to download to make the device more capable for your needs, not as big of a selection as some competing smartwatches.

Similar to the Fitbit Versa, the Charge 3 provides female health tracking letting you use the Fitbit program to track periods, record symptoms Compatible with both the Android and iOS, Smartphone notifications are supported for with things like text, calendar and Call alerts although social media and third party app notifications aren’t

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